Kedela wer kalyakoorl ngalak Wadjak boodjak yaak.

Today and always, we stand on the traditional land of the Whadjuk Noongar people.

Tim Meakins. Photo by Duncan Wright.

Artist Talk: Tim Meakins

Hear from Perth artist and designer Tim Meakins to discuss his latest exhibition Muscle Beach taking pride of place in AGWA’s new interior rooftop gallery.

Facilitated by Robert Cook, AGWA Curator of Western Australian and Australian Art.

Tim Meakins

AGWA’s new interior rooftop gallery opens with a flex in Muscle Beach, a solo exhibition from one of WA’s most exciting young artists.

Muscle Beach is a solo exhibition by Perth artist and designer Tim Meakins, comprising 10 giant 3D-printed sculptures of weightlifters, posers and grinning weights. Occupying AGWA’s new interior rooftop gallery, these figures offer a playful take on the culture of self-preening and physical development.

They embody the lengths we go to in meeting improbable ideals, while also honouring the expressive capacity of cartoons and digital media to imagine strange new entities we might become. Without a trace of moralism, Muscle Beach is about the pleasure and problematics of holding an idea of who we are, and are yet to be, in one and the same thought, in one and the same flex.