Kedela wer kalyakoorl ngalak Wadjak boodjak yaak.

Today and always, we stand on the traditional land of the Whadjuk Noongar people.

Olman Walley.

Boorloo Storytelling

Join us for Boorloo Storytelling in the Collective Ground exhibition space.

Suitable for families and ages 5-12 years.

Boorloo is a small, family-owned company based in the Perth metropolitan area. Boorloo was created in 2018 by husband/wife and business owners Olman and Sharna Walley and offers cultural experiences in three key areas; performance, education and tourism. They aim to provide a deeper understanding of Noongar culture to all participants and clients.

Olman Walley
My name is Olman Walley and I am a Wilman, Balardong, Binjareb, Wadjuk Nyoongar. I was raised in the Wilman (Wheatbelt) region and was taught Noongar culture by my family and elders. My Nyoongar name is Chitty Chitty (Willy Wagtail) and I love to share our stories, history, music, dance and knowledge of our wonderful ancient culture.

Collective Ground

A special exhibition drawing together 60 works from First Nations artists across Western Australia.

The first exhibition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander works acquired through AGWA’s COVID-19 stimulus package. It explores deep time and the stories that flow through the land on which we all live — as told through the artworks of First Nations peoples across the state.

The works in Collective Ground have been curated in consideration of the need to separate some of the works based on subject matter related to men’s and women’s Tjukurba/Tjukurpa (the creation period when ancestor beings created the world). During the Tjukurba ancestral beings left marks on the landscape and this laid out Songlines or Creation Lines. The word Tjukurba was chosen as it is from languages of the Western and Central Desert regions of Australia. Many works in Collective Ground relate to the Tjukurba of these regions. The word for the Dreaming or creation time in Noongar language is Nyitting.