Kedela wer kalyakoorl ngalak Wadjak boodjak yaak.

Today and always, we stand on the traditional land of the Whadjuk Noongar people.

Eveline Kotai Skyline / Timeline 2021.

Eveline Kotai Skyline / Timeline 2021. Charcoal, graphite, mixed media, 65 sheets 56 x 76 cm (each). Courtesy of the Artist and Art Collective WA. Photo by Bo Wong.

Eveline Kotai

Artist Showcase | Participatory | AGWA Learning
Gallery 09
Until 7 February

An all-ages play space and exhibition exploring the relationships between architecture, bodies and time.

In collaboration with AGWA Learning, Eveline Kotai’s Looking Out/Back/In is an exhibition and all ages play-space inviting visitors to build sculptural forms that double as cubby houses and create geometric 2D patterns on the floor. Also incorporating Skyline/Timeline, a large-scale, multimedia interpretation of a 1979 photograph taken out the window of this gallery space, this showcase explores surface and spatial geometries and unfixed relationships between architecture, bodies in space, and the passing of time.

The window in this gallery space has been uncovered after a long period of being covered to protect artworks. The work invites audiences to look out the newly revealed window to the CBD skyline, back in time to what the city might have looked like before, and in towards the building’s architecture. The shapes employed by the artist reflect AGWA’s architecture and can be used to build structures that reflect the city skyline.

“We’ve all been conditioned to four edges and a frame, and what’s inside. It’s nice to turn that inside out.” — Eveline Kotai, The View From Here 2021

Looking Out/Back/In is an invitation to pause, explore and observe the gradual progress that takes place when passing from one thing to another — or one place to another — reminding us that all things are in a state of flux. By participating, visitors become collaborators in an open-ended artwork where stages are allowed to progress and evolve under their own steam, and where each step is informed by the last.


My wife and I are visiting from Adelaide and came across this interactive space “looking out/back/in”. We were immediately hooked and came together to build something from our imaginations and having so much fun in the process. We loved that you have activities for all ages so we could also enjoy it. We combined her graphic design experience and my engineering background to put together a very stylish centre table. We feel that these activities are so important because it teaches many skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and physics while allowing our imaginations to run wild. Gianni & Stephanie

Amazing experience, I’m 32 years old and I feel like a kid again. Super happy to create something. Adult

I am eighty years old and loved the chance to participate in creative play. This truly is engaging for all ages. Adult

Our grandchildren aged 3 & 5 had a wonderful time creating. The shapes joined easily and the final sculptures were bright and creative. An inspirational idea. A credit to the creators. Rose & Pete

We have been here many times previously so happy to finally see a dedicated area for kids to learn, connect and play, and not just a last minute add on. Much better for families. Natalie

We love this space. My eldest was sobbing about coming to the art gallery! This has made it more fun + enagaging + associates the gallery with creativity and imagination from my kids point of view. Love the activity, the no shoes + general feel of the space. Thanks for creating this!

Art connects us with ourselves, each other and the world